Sunday, March 22, 2009

~~~~~Call for Submissions in Video~~~~~

The End of Television is a video program beginning where analog television ends. On June 12th, 2009 the U.S. television broadcast signal will change over from analog to digital. No television will receive a signal without a special converter box.

On June 12th, The End of Television will air through analog broadcast TV on channel 2 in Pittsburgh. When broadcasters turn off their analog transmitters The End of Television turns it's analog transmitter on and broadcasts the program. Using a restricted and nearly obsolete medium (broadcast TV) , The End of Television re-imagines the omnipresent idea of "broadcast yourself." We are accepting all videos submitted before the deadline and there is no submission fee.

for questions contact: ian.f. page (at) gmail (dot) com

send videos to:
The End of Television
331 S. Aiken st
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

- Please have the video postmarked by May 25th.
- Work should be submitted on miniDV or VHS.
- Work will not be returned unless a SASE is included.

*It should be noted that this program will accept all work submitted, but the program reserves the right to not include a video if it is deemed unsuitable.

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